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Protein expression services for SARED1 | Sanguinarine reductase

Catalyzes the reduction of benzophenanthridines, preferentially sanguinarine, to the corresponding dihydroalkaloids. Involved in detoxifying the phytoalexins produced by plant itself. The sanguinarine produced by intact cells upon elicitation, after excretion and binding to cell wall elements, is rapidly reabsorbed and reduced to the less toxic dihydrosanguinarine. Can work with both NAD(P) or NAD as a hydrogen donor, but at low concentrations, the reaction velocity with NAD(P)H is threefold higher than with NADH. However, chelerythrine shows maximum conversion rates with NADH. The substrate preference is sanguinarine > chelerythrine > chelirubine, macarpine or 10-OH-chelerythrine. No activity with berberine or phenanthridine cations.
Belongs to the NAD(P)-dependent epimerase/dehydratase family.
Eschscholzia californica
273 amino acids
29.5 kDa
Simulated SDS-PAGE
Western blot of SARED1 recombinant protein(Note: Representative image - actual molecular weight may vary depending on tag type and expression method)
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Protein synthesis service
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