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Protein expression services for devS | Oxygen sensor histidine kinase response regulator DevS/DosS

Member of the two-component regulatory system DevR/DevS (DosR/DosS) involved in onset of the dormancy response. Regulates an approximately 48-member regulon (PubMed:12953092). Required for full induction of the DevR (DosR) regulon; acts later than DosT to positively regulate expression of the DevR regulon during adaptation to anaerobiosis (By similarity). Characterized as an oxygen sensor; O(2) acts as a switch, with O(2)-bound Fe(2+) protein inactive in autophosphorylation (By similarity). Has also been suggested to act as a redox sensor, or perhaps as a dual oxygen/redox sensor (By similarity). Donates a phosphate group to transcriptional regulator DevR (DosR) (By similarity).
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (strain CDC 1551 / Oshkosh)
578 amino acids
62.2 kDa
Simulated SDS-PAGE
Western blot of devS recombinant protein(Note: Representative image - actual molecular weight may vary depending on tag type and expression method)
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Protein synthesis service
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