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Protein expression services for CHGG_01242-1 | Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase CHGG_01242-1

Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase; part of the gene cluster that mediates the biosynthesis of chaetoglobosin A which has a unique inhibitory activity against actin polymerization in mammalian cells (PubMed:23611317). The first step of the pathway is the synthesis of prochaetoglobosin I via condensation of one acetyl-CoA, 8 malonyl-CoA, and a L-tryptophan molecule by the PKS-NRPS hybrid synthetase CHGG_01239, followed by reduction of backbone double bond to install desired geometry by the enoyl reductase CHGG_01240 (PubMed:23611317). Further multiple oxidation steps performed by the cytochrome P450 monooxygenases CHGG_01242-1 and CHGG_01243, as well as by the FAD-linked oxidoreductase CHGG_01242-2, lead to the formation of chaetoglobosin A (PubMed:23611317). Depending on the order of action of these reductases, distinct intermediates can be identified (PubMed:23611317). Within the pathway, the cytochrome P450 monooxygenase CHGG_01242-1 catalyzes a stereospecific epoxidation on prochaetoglobosin I, cytoglobosin D, and chaetoglobosin J intermediates (PubMed:23611317). The FAD-linked oxidoreductase CHGG_01242-2 performs dehydrogenation of the C-20 hydroxyl groups in the 20-dihyrochaetoglobosin A and cytoglobosin D intermediates (PubMed:23611317). Finally, the cytochrome P450 monooxygenase CHGG_01243 can catalyze the stereospecific dihydroxylation of prochaetoglobosin I and prochaetoglobosin IV at C-19 and C-20, respectively (PubMed:23611317).
Belongs to the cytochrome P450 family.
Chaetomium globosum (strain ATCC 6205 / CBS 148.51 / DSM 1962 / NBRC 6347 / NRRL 1970)
512 amino acids
57.8 kDa
Simulated SDS-PAGE
Western blot of CHGG_01242-1 recombinant protein(Note: Representative image - actual molecular weight may vary depending on tag type and expression method)
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