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Protein expression services for apl-1 | Amyloid-beta-like protein

Required for normal developmental progression throughout all life stages (PubMed:18262516, PubMed:22466039). Specifically required for the molt stage during all larval transitions and morphogenesis (PubMed:18262516, PubMed:17267616, PubMed:22466039). Acts with heterochronic genes, including members of the let-7 family, to regulate larval stage to adult transition (PubMed:18262516, PubMed:28933985). Acts synergistically with acn-1 in let-7 regulated postembryonic cell division of hypodermal seam cells (PubMed:28933985). Acts in multiple pathways to influence daf-12 and daf-16 activity to in turn regulate physiological and reproductive processes such as body size and egg-laying (PubMed:22466039). May play a role in neurotransmission (PubMed:20862215).
Belongs to the APP family.
Caenorhabditis elegans
686 amino acids
79.4 kDa
Simulated SDS-PAGE
Western blot of apl-1 recombinant protein(Note: Representative image - actual molecular weight may vary depending on tag type and expression method)
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Protein synthesis service
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