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Transcription factor unc-86
Caenorhabditis elegans
467 amino acids
Transcription factor required for correct cell fate determination and differentiation in diverse neuronal cell lineages where it plays a role in specifying the fate of daughter cells during cell divisions (PubMed:7237544, PubMed:2257628). Involved in sensory neuron production and function (PubMed:1361171, PubMed:9735371, PubMed:10899123). Binds both alone and with mec-3 to the mec-3 promoter to initiate and maintain mec-3 expression which is required for sensory neuron differentiation (PubMed:1361171, PubMed:9735371). In addition, binds both alone and with mec-3 to the promoters of mec-4 and mec-7 which act to regulate sensory neuron function (PubMed:9735371, PubMed:10899123). Involved in determining the identity of the serotonergic NSM neurons and the cholinergic IL2 sensory and URA motor neurons (PubMed:24353061). Promotes expression of the cfi-1 transcription factor in the URA and IL2 neurons which in turn activates normal URA and IL2 gene expression (PubMed:24353061, PubMed:11959845). Regulates expression of a number of genes in NSM neurons including bas-1, cat-1, dop-3, mgl-3, nlp-13, scd-2 and ptps-1 (PubMed:24353061). In the IL2 neurons, required for expression of cho-1, gcy-19, klp-6, lag-2, unc-5 and unc-17 (PubMed:24353061). Promotes expression of pkd-2 in the male-specific CEM head neurons (PubMed:11959845). Required for dauer-specific branching of IL2Q neurons and nictation behavior (PubMed:23932402). Controls both the timing and direction of axon outgrowth in HSN neurons (PubMed:21656875). Plays a role in serotonin production by regulating expression of the tryptophan hydrolase tph-1 which catalyzes serotonin synthesis, in the AIM, NSM, HSN and RIH neurons (PubMed:12135927). Involved in regulation of lin-11 expression in the AIZ interneurons, the major interneurons of the olfactory pathway, and is required for odortaxis behavior (PubMed:12883006). Involved in neurite pruning between AIM neurons during larval development by regulating the expression of transcription factor mbr-1 (PubMed:16139210). Required for correct localization of unc-40 (PubMed:24353061).
Belongs to the POU transcription factor family. Class-4 subfamily.
52.315 kDa