Making proteins has never been easier

We develop next-generation cell-free protein synthesis systems to enable rapid production of enzymes, therapeutics and lab reagents.

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Same-day Protein Expression and Purification

Liberum has developed world-class cell-free protein expression reagents. Paired with our proprietary scale-up and purification cartridges, our technologies enable production of purified proteins in hours. We are now automating the workflow on our benchtop protein synthesis devices that allow for touch-free production. Our reagents and cartridges are now available in our online store.

Our Products

cell-free reagents


High-Yield Cell-Free Reagents (Proprietary formulations)

cell-free cartridges


Stand-Alone Cartridges for Scale-up and Purification (Thin-film technology)

cell-free devices


Automated Solutions for Scale-up and Purification (Proprietary methods and devices)

cell-free plasmids


An App-Store for Cell-Free Biology

Online Store

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